becoming project M

the formation of us, the process of making, the past, present and future

It was the Friday afternoon when we had just gone out from our first Storytelling training organized by the school's Career Development and Training team. Obviously, the stories we told were about ourselves, learning to grab the attention of audience, and showing who we are in a short period of time.

Well, that's marketing.

The first meeting of our Marketing Club had finally begun at 1 PM. We set around the table, chatting, laughing, before we even cut to the point. Right there right then, I felt comfortable and excited for what was about to happen. "This team will work," came into my mind multiple times.

Keep in mind, we had only known each other for not even 20 days then, and we were trying to plan this - project M - something that came into my mind while I was in the restroom - where all great ideas were formed.

Through marketing club, I have found a group of friends who share the same values and perspectives, and we really want to use marketing as a way to communicate, create, connect, and contribute. I genuinely hope that through the process, we can bond more and make a difference to the community. - Sandra Z
I intend to enjoy the journey under the power of marketing and to find friends who share common interests. It is not simply a club that we formed, but more like a platform for everyone to taste a little bit of the marketing world. - Mia S
My imagination toward a marketing club is to involve people around to create a “wow factor” in our life using marketing as a tool. There’s no ambitious goal we need to achieve, but to enjoy the process, have some fun and do something good. - Jialu C

Two hours had gone by, a full page of note were written down, things we want to do, things we no longer wanted to do, things we still need to do. "This is the most productive meeting yet," I said.

This is our project M, a part of our MBA journey at the University of Hong Kong, a part of our journey in the world of Marketing.

May we invite you,

to the journey of the past, present, and future.

We hope you enjoy your ride with us along the journey, and we hope you get to know the MBA Full Time Class of 2022 and create an infinite relationship with us.

Along the way, may we grow.

Tina Wang

October 4th, 2021