meeting with Jialu

If you ask me to describe Jialu, I would call her a ray of sunshine. The first time I met her is in a zoom meeting. When her face popped on the screen, the room was lightened up. She is always wearing a big smile, in her own genuine and warm way, passing around positive energy. Through this interview opportunity, we get to find out more about Jialu, both as a fellow classmate and a professional.

(For below, Q referred to as questions from HKU MBA marketing club, J stands for Jialu)

Q: How would you describe yourself in three words.

J: I am independent, reliable, and delightful.

Q: How would you define “independent”?

J: To me, being independent means having the ability and mindset to deal with problems and to try to find a solution by myself.

Q: How would you like others to describe you?

J: I want to be perceived as interesting and fun. Because to me, being interesting is really important. I also want to be the “go-to” person. If the others need help or want to share, I am the one that is always gonna be there.

Q: Please share with us a memorable story from work.

J: I am going to share with every one a happy story. We have had our ups and downs in our work, well, often downs because of the heavy workload and long working hours. We always got off work at past 12 at midnight. Once, we were on site with one of our clients, working on the internal control issue. There was something in need of clarification and explanation from the client, so we approached the client, who was also working late in the office. Actually we were quite close with this client, so we had a quite light-hearted chat with him and shared some interesting stories from work. And without any struggle or difficulties, we solved our problems, and most importantly, we bonded through the process, with fun and laughter. That’s when I realised that work can be fun and working with clients does not have to be a struggle. The client also called our team a harmonious team.

Q: Please share with us about someone who you worked with that you like or don’t like about.

J: I like working with people who are organised and efficient, with the ability to deliver. In addition, it is important to maintain an open dialogue.

Q: Please share with us your experience at HKU MBA.

J: Because I arrived in Hong Kong in September, so I had to attend some of the prior events online. At first, I was a little bit worried about being in a new environment. However, the first day I arrived here, Mia took me out for lunch and I felt welcomed by the community. Being in the MBA program is very different from my previous student life. When other people were sharing, you could learn from their insights and experience. So far despite the heavy workload, I really enjoy the program.

Q: What do you want to do in your free time?

J: I love coffee, so if I have time, I would go to different coffee shops. I make my own cold over and I really want to learn how to make espresso. I love hands-on work, for example puzzles, legos. What’s more, I enjoy going to art galleries, operas, musicals and exhibitions.

Q: Please describe who you want to be in the future.

J: I want to have a carefree life. I tend to give myself too many limitations. Just to jump out of the boxes and have more freedom.

Q: Imagine we are now at July 2032, Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? What are you doing after?

J: No matter where I am, Hong Kong or U.S., I have a case which has closed deal or got listed, and I am at the bell-ringing ceremony, sharing the happiness and joy. This really makes me feel that all the efforts I have put in are worth it.

This is Jialu Chen, a cheerful and ambitious professional. If you want to know more about her, please take a look at her LinkedIn page.

Sandra Zheng