meeting with Tina

Sep 26, 2021, Sunny

It was a chilly Saturday that we decided to go to a lovely café that saved us from heavy work. I went upstairs for a seat, but Tina was so thoughtful as usual to be the first one to arrive. We occupied a cozy corner, shared decent food and drinks, and immersed ourselves into frank and open conversation along with some bright music. By the time I recalled from the memory, I would use the word as serendipity – sincere friends and precious time that we found far beyond our expectations, and we treasured the time to spend with each other, with sparkling insights.

(For below, Q referred to as questions from HKU MBA marketing club, T stands for Tina)

Q: How would you describe yourself?

T: Confident, and th

oughtful. I enjoyed taking care of other people and will think more for others than for myself. If I decided to achieve so

mething, I would challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone. For instance, I loved to establish websites; in my college time, the only resources I could use were commercial templates, but I survived to take relevant courses and achieved them on my own.

Q: How would you like others to describe you?

T: I would want others to describe me a

s AWESOME. It’s not necessary about how much money I make in the future, or what the certain perspective of it. But overall, I want people to see me as an awesome person, even for some trivial things.

Q: Please share with us a memorable story from work.

T: One thing that I remembered deeply was about the staff parking lot when I started to work in Taiwan after college. Parking spots were so limited th

at three hotels shared only 14 staff parking spaces, and those spots were assigned to the management on priority. I found that to be unfair, but I was reversely challenged by one of the directors. He said, “The p

arking spots are for someone like ME, not YOU. That’s how things worked in Taiwan.” I’m so angry, and I decided to argue for our employee rights. Under my effort toward our rights, as a result, the HR department arranged for 100 parking spaces for employees where the parking fare would be deducted through the payroll. I think I was also being controversial by the time I argue with someone who had a higher level of position than I did, but it’s worth it to challenge the rules or customs that were unfair, or I d

eemed that to be necessary. Don’t be afraid, try to think out of the box.

Q: Please share with us

about someone who you worked with that you like or don’t like about.

T: Efficient, responsible, and a team player. I like it when things are planned ahead with an agenda, so that workflow could be smooth and save everyone’s time.

Q: Please share with us

about your experience at HKU MBA.

T: Love to be part of the full-time MBA program. At the very beginning when I learned from our classmates’ background, I thought everyone is so outstanding that I might have little to contribute. But as the program went on, I found people around are actually being my classmates, friends, and buddies, rather than colleagues at work. We shared so much time together to work in groups, which in a sense created opportunities to work with different people and backgrounds. I enjoyed the challenge and the diversity.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

T: Watch Netflix. I’d consider the time to be spent on my own as my free time, that also includes casual meals with my sister (laugh).

Q: Please describe who you want to be in the future.

T: I want to be someone who would look at things in a positive way, constantly. Oftentimes I tend to look at things from the downside, and it takes time to switch from the mindsets. I hope to achieve someday to think in the positive direction without a struggling process. I’m working on it!

Q: Imagine we are now at July 2032, Where are you? What are you doing? Who are you with? What are you doing after?

T: I’m in

a big lake house with my loved one. The lake house is close to the sea with gentle sea breeze reachable at a window distance. Within the house there’s a library full of books, and I can sit or lie down anywhere I want with a cozy sofa and blanket. It’s so comfortable.

The conversation was rushed to the end as the café is closing by 8pm. It’s such a pleasant time that we enjoyed sharing with each other, to understand a little bit more, and to expect more of our nearest future with friends alongside. It’s sure worth to be remembered and treasured long in our memory.